I specialize mainly in the provision of commercial and legal translations and work with a combination of translation agencies and direct clients.

Below you can see a brief description of some of the projects recently completed. In addition, you can see information on older projects by clicking on the following links: Projects 2018, Projects 2017, Projects 2016, Projects 2015, and Projects 2014.

December 2019

  • Conference report (IT-EN)
  • Criminal records certificate (IT-EN)
  • Articles of association (IT-EN)
  • Deed of sale (IT-EN)
  • Letter of complaint (IT-EN)
  • Collaboration contract (IT-EN)

November 2019

  • Power of attorney (IT-EN)
  • CV + Cover letter (IT-EN)

October 2019

  • University web pages (IT-EN)
  • University event programme (IT-EN)
  • Annual report (IT-EN)
  • Tax return (IT-EN)
  • Balance sheet (IT-EN)
  • Terms & conditions (IT-EN)

September 2019

  • Company ICT policy (IT-EN)
  • Academic paper on gender differences in education (IT-EN)
  • Loan for use contract (IT-EN)
  • Divorce judgment (IT-EN)
  • Property sale documents (IT-EN)

August 2019

  • Petition for tax ruling (IT-EN)
  • Web pages for liqueur company (IT-EN)
  • Internal university policy documents (IT-EN)

July 2019

  • UNI Technical standards (IT-EN)
  • Privacy policy (IT-EN)
  • Sales agreement (IT-EN)
  • Commercial contract (IT-EN)
  • Marketing brochure (IT-EN)

June 2019

  • Data protection documents (IT-EN)
  • Articles of association (IT-EN)
  • Utility bills (ES-EN)
  • Terms & conditions (IT-EN)

May 2019

  • Articles of association (IT-EN)
  • Commercial agreement (IT-EN)
  • Commercial bid (IT-EN)
  • Web pages for restaurant (IT-EN)
  • Company brochure (IT-EN)
  • Academic report (IT-EN)
  • Terms and conditions (IT-EN)
  • Writ of summons (IT-EN)

April 2019

  • Reseller agreement (IT-EN)
  • Trade fair programme (IT-EN)
  • Marketing brochure (IT-EN)
  • Research paper (IT-EN)
  • Curriculum vitae (IT-EN)

March 2019

  • Reseller agreement (IT-EN)
  • Power of attorney (IT-EN)
  • Criminal records certificate (IT-EN)
  • Data protection policy (IT-EN)
  • Patient information leaflet (ES-EN)
  • Petition Service agreement (IT-EN)
  • Statement of defence (IT-EN)

February 2019

  • Commercial bid (IT-EN)
  • Research and supply contract (IT-EN)
  • Academic paper on teacher training (IT-EN)
  • Service outsourcing contract (IT-EN)
  • Reseller agreement (IT-EN)
  • Company newsletter (IT-EN)

January 2019

  • Essay on employment (ES-EN)
  • Corporate offences risk assessment (IT-EN)

Client Testimonials

“Sandy did a very good job. Her translation was absolutely correct and flawless and I will definitely work with her again. I recommend her services to other companies and colleagues”
Claudio Nasso, Angolo Grafico

“Sandy is a highly experienced, accurate, reliable, undaunted, cooperative, listening and communicative professional. What more can you want?”
Derek Ferrari-Frankland, ISSELnord Group

“A pleasure to work with Sandy. Extremely reliable and very professional”
Anne Boss, Ipsum Languages

“Very professional approach, always cooperative and proactive in trying to meet end client’s requests”
Mara Gavioli, Arancho Doc

“Great translator, very professional and pleasant to work with, highly recommended!”
David Brooks, K-International