About me

Sandy Carpenter - Professional TranslatorMy name is Sandy Carpenter and I am a professional translator based in La Herradura (Granada) in Spain. I am a native English speaker fluent in both Italian and Spanish and have been translating professionally since 2012. In this same year, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Translation from the University of Exeter in the UK. Before that I gained valuable experience working in-house for several large companies in the UK using my language and translation skills to contribute to the growth of their worldwide markets. I am also a qualified TEFL teacher, something which enabled me to spend time living and working in Italy and Spain before embarking on my translation career. Since launching my freelance career, I have developed an extensive portfolio of successfully completed translations and built a network of solid relationships with clients and colleagues in Europe and the UK.

What I do

I offer translation, proofreading and editing services for companies, law firms and individuals. I help clients navigate the sea of often hitherto unknown aspects to consider when embarking on intercultural communication projects. In close communication with my clients, I devise effective translation strategies to ensure that the required objectives are met and offer solutions to any potential problems that the project may present. My clients appreciate the knowledge and expertise I can offer in these areas, which I developed through specialist training at university in business and legal translation, multinational business experience, and the thousands of hours of meticulous research carried out to deliver over 400 projects completed so far in my freelance career.

Why I do it

Apart from the immense satisfaction that comes with being my own boss, this is a profession of never-ending discovery where I am always learning something new. Being able to share this knowledge and my passion for languages with clients and colleagues to help them achieve their goals is highly rewarding. In short, I get paid to do what I love.

When I’m not doing it

When I’m not busily pursuing my quest to find the perfect solution to an array of thorny translation dilemmas, I can be often be found with my nose in a book, attempting to learn to play the guitar or taking a stroll along the beach to clear away the cobwebs (and to scoff a few tasty tapas por supuesto…).