Projects 2014

December 2014

  • Tax declaration (ES-EN)
  • Court judgement in civil dispute related to agricultural patent infringement (IT-EN)
  • Interim management report for large Italian publishing house (IT-EN)
  • Product descriptions (wood-fired ovens) for company website (IT-EN)
  • Academic certificate (IT-EN)

November 2014

  • Articles of incorporation for a medical association (IT-EN)
  • Manual for customer and sales management system (IT-EN)
  • Technical specification for logistics and materials management (IT-EN)
  • Supply chain control procedure (IT-EN)

October 2014

  • Land registry extract (ES-EN)
  • Code of conduct for leading provider of business process outsourcing services (IT-EN)
  • Company procedure to ensure compliance with the EMIR regulations (IT-EN)
  • Court documents relating to an intellectual property rights dispute (ES-EN)

September 2014

  • Pre-school website (IT-EN)
  • Appeal court decision on tax assessment ruling (ES-EN)
  • Catalogue management procedure (IT-EN)

August 2014

  • Fire prevention regulations in relation to the design, construction and use of buildings (IT-EN)
  • Risk assessment for an Italian energy company (IT-EN)

July 2014

  • Warranty management procedure (IT-EN)
  • Vehicle licensing enquiries (IT-EN + ES-EN)

June 2014

  • Packing specification (IT-EN)
  • Immigration enquiries (IT-EN + ES-EN)