Projects 2016

Client Testimonials

“Sandy did a very good job. Her translation was absolutely correct and flawless and I will definitely work with her again. I recommend her services to other companies/colleagues”
Claudio Nasso, Angolo Grafico

“Sandy is a highly experienced, accurate, reliable, undaunted, cooperative, listening and communicative professional. What more can you want?”
Derek Ferrari-Frankland, ISSELnord Group

“A pleasure to work with Sandy. Extremely reliable and very professional”
Anne Boss, Ipsum Languages

“Very professional approach, always cooperative and proactive in trying to meet end client’s requests”
Mara Gavioli, Arancho Doc

“Great translator, very professional and pleasant to work with, highly recommended!”
David Brooks, K-International

“Sandy is great! Super responsive and delivers always on time.”
Lissette Separovich, Cyracom International

“Great translator. Hope to work with her again.”
Tony Rocco, Cap Q (Capital Quality Translations)

December 2016

  • Court judgment (IT-EN)

November 2016

  • Commercial contract (IT-EN)

October 2016

  • Tax declaration (IT-EN)
  • Curriculum Vitae (ES-EN)

September 2016

  • Academic certificate and transcript (IT-EN)

July 2016

  • Tax enquiry correspondence (IT-EN)
  • Commercial invoices (IT-EN)
  • Water treatment products brochure (IT-EN)

June 2016

  • Academic essay on the principle of equality (IT-EN)
  • Bank statements (IT-EN)
  • Tax declaration (IT-EN)
  • Deed of sale (IT-EN)
  • Identity documents (IT-EN)
  • Text on Italian tax law (IT-EN)

May 2016

  • Banking website and app. (IT-EN)

April 2016

  • Banking website (IT-EN)
  • Terms and conditions of purchase (IT-EN)
  • Research and development contract (IT-EN)
  • Auditors’ report (IT-EN)

March 2016

  • Writ of summons (IT-EN)
  • Collaboration agreement (IT-EN)
  • Workplace safety training manual (IT-EN)
  • Power of attorney (IT-EN)

February 2016

  • Financial administration and reporting guidelines (IT-EN)
  • Software licence agreement (IT-EN)
  • Text on EU consumer protection policy (IT-EN)
  • Reception agreement (IT-EN)

January 2016

  • Terms and conditions of supply (IT-EN)
  • Banking website (IT-EN)
  • Parts of a financial report for an Italian banking group (IT-EN)
  • Management system guidelines (IT-EN)
  • Scope of work (IT-EN)
  • Charter flight services technical specification (ES-EN)