Proofreading and editing

A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. If you have translated a document elsewhere and wish to get it proofread by an expert, independent source then I can help. I will check it thoroughly to ensure that it is grammatically correct, appropriate in terms of style and register, and compliant with your requirements. I can also provide reviewing and editing services if required. A review involves a more in-depth inspection of the translated text compared with the source text. I can make sure that any translation errors, discrepancies or inconsistencies are found and resolved. Editing involves making changes to the text that may be desired in order to render it more suited to its final purpose. An example would be rewording and possibly restructuring a CV in order to ensure greater success in the job application process. Whatever your needs, my extensive proofreading, reviewing and editing experience will ensure your translated documents are accurate and fit for purpose every time.