I specialize mainly in the provision of commercial and legal translation services to a wide range of clients. These include translation agencies, commercial companies and private individuals. As a result, I have developed a strong and varied portfolio of commercial and legal translations.

Below you can see a brief description of some of the projects recently completed. In addition, you can see information on older projects by clicking on the following links: Projects 2020, Projects 2019, Projects 2018, Projects 2017, Projects 2016, Projects 2015, and Projects 2014.

April 2022

  • Framework agreement for parts and services (ES-EN)
  • State of emergency recovery guidelines (IT-EN)
  • Court documents (IT-EN)
  • Psychological assessment report (IT-EN)

March 2022

  • University prospectus (IT-EN)
  • Certificates (birth, marriage, family status, tax etc. (IT-EN)
  • Annual report for mail company (IT-EN)
  • Deed of sale (IT-EN)

February 2022

  • Website for law firm (IT-EN)
  • Preliminary contract of sale (IT-EN)
  • Call for applications (IT-EN)
  • Terms and conditions of use (IT-EN)
  • Summary of legal proceedings (IT-EN)
  • Privacy provisions (IT-EN)

January 2022

  • Website for franchising consultancy company (IT-EN)
  • Insurance policy for medical facility (IT-EN)
  • Call for applications for university staff positions (IT-EN)
  • Product descriptions for fashion company (IT-EN)
  • Workplace access policy during Covid-19 emergency (IT-EN)
  • Mentoring programme guidelines (IT-EN)

December 2021

  • Website for law firm (IT-EN)
  • Article on ‘Squid Games‘ for online magazine Cenerentola (IT-EN)
  • Article on ‘vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers‘ for online magazine Cenerentola (IT-EN)
  • Company profile for recruitment company (IT-EN)
  • Privacy policy (IT-EN)
  • Information on tax relief for university staff (IT-EN)

November 2021

  • Call for applications to participate in a mentoring programme (IT-EN)
  • Decree on packaging waste management (IT-EN)
  • Legal opinion on the regulatory framework governing the use of snowmobiles (IT-EN)
  • Preliminary contract of sale (IT-EN)
  • Collaborative research agreement (IT-EN)

October 2021

  • Commercial sublease agreement (IT-EN)
  • Gender equality plan (IT-EN)
  • Covid-19 certificate policy (IT-EN)
  • Circular on measures to combat and contain Covid-19 (IT-EN)
  • Articles of association and meeting minutes (IT-EN)
  • Privacy policy (IT-EN)
  • Shareholders’ meeting minutes (IT-EN)
  • Call for applications for university staff positions (IT-EN)
  • Call for applications for university staff positions (IT-EN)

September 2021

  • Call for applications for university staff positions (IT-EN)
  • Court documents (IT-EN)
  • Criminal records certificate (IT-EN)
  • Instructions for completing gas trading forms (ES-EN)
  • Contract for services (IT-EN)
  • Privacy policy (IT-EN)
  • Event brochure for trade fair (IT-EN)
  • Website for training company (IT-EN)
  • Marriage and birth certificates (IT-EN)

August 2021

  • Court judgment (IT-EN)
  • Website and terms & conditions (IT-EN)
  • Deed of sale (IT-EN)

June 2021

  • Call for applications (IT-EN)
  • Articles of association (IT-EN)
  • Deed of incorporation (IT-EN)
  • Sales quotation (IT-EN)

May 2021

  • Call for applications (IT-EN)
  • Overview of payroll system (IT-EN)
  • Tender rules (IT-EN)
  • Sales quotation (IT-EN)
  • Contract for services (IT-EN)

April 2021

  • Statement of work (IT-EN)
  • Notice of disciplinary action template (IT-EN)
  • Privacy policy (IT-EN)
  • Call for applications (IT-EN)
  • Deed of sale and mortgage agreement (IT-EN)
  • Interview with business owner (ES-EN)

March 2021

  • Covid-19 protocol (IT-EN)
  • Call for applications (IT-EN)
  • Ethics committee bylaws (IT-EN)
  • Sales quotation (IT-EN)
  • Court judgment (IT-EN)
  • Letter of intent (IT-EN)
  • Feedback questionnaire (IT-EN)
  • Type-examination certificate regulation (IT-EN)

February 2021

  • Privacy policy (IT-EN)
  • Appointment decree (IT-EN)
  • Academic certificates (IT-EN)
  • Letter of engagement (IT-EN)
  • Private agreement (IT-EN)

January 2021

  • Contract for the appointment of a data processor (IT-EN)
  • Court order (IT-EN)
  • Website for consultancy company (IT-EN)
  • Writing contest (IT-EN)
  • Letter of intent (IT-EN)

Client Testimonials

“Professional, fast and precise, I found myself very well with her. Always ready to solve the problems that may arise during a job”
Carlo Schiaroli, Pikta Studio

“Sandy’s translation was accurate and on time and it was a pleasure to deal with her. I will be happy to recommend her services” Elena Ferrara, Freelance Translator

“Sandy did a very good job. Her translation was absolutely correct and flawless and I will definitely work with her again. I recommend her services to other companies and colleagues”
Claudio Nasso, Angolo Grafico

“Sandy is a highly experienced, accurate, reliable, undaunted, cooperative, listening and communicative professional. What more can you want?”
Derek Ferrari-Frankland, ISSELnord Group

“A pleasure to work with Sandy. Extremely reliable and very professional”
Anne Boss, Ipsum Languages

“Very professional approach, always cooperative and proactive in trying to meet end client’s requests”
Mara Gavioli, Arancho Doc

“Great translator, very professional and pleasant to work with, highly recommended!”
David Brooks, K-International